2016年11月27日~12月2日 MRS シンポジウムPM2(投稿〆切:6/16)


Symposium PM2: Plasma Processing via Liquid for Life Sciences and Environmental applications

Nowadays Plasma impacts many areas in life sciences and environmental applications including Medicine, Biology, Agriculture, Environmental remediation and so on, which were regarded as out of field in plasma engineering a few decades ago. This emerging field will contribute to improve quality of human life, and can be designated as "Plasma Human Sciences", which includes inactivation of bacteria and viruses for protection of diseases and for improving environment, wound disinfection and healing, coagulation of blood to stop bleeding, treatment of cancers, activation of cell functions including proliferation and growth enhancement of plants and fishes. In these plasma processings, plasma interacts with liquids to produce and/or inject various reactive radicals, and also enable to impose high electric field, intense shockwaves and local high temperature, and pulsed ultraviolet ray. These interactions can be used for material processing, too, such as surface modification, fabrication of organic and inorganic materials including nano-dots and advanced biomaterials.

This emerging new field of plasma for human life has a potential to be an interdisciplinary areas to create novel large-scale industries. In order to assure and enhance these developments and innovations, the key fundamental issue is to clarify the mechanisms of the plasma/liquid system including their interactions with biological or environmental targets. It is also important to share the ideas of potential applications.

This symposium focuses on discussing and transmitting broad range of innovative technologies for plasma processing via liquid that could potentially contribute for advancement of plasma applications for life sciences and environmental applications.

  • Plasma Medicine : apoptosis of cancer, ulcer wound treatment, blood coagulation, immune response stimulation, inactivation of bacteria, virus and, prions, skin rejuvenation (wrinkle removal), surgical operation and the evaluation of DNA and cell level homeostasis,
  • Plasma Dentistry: tooth bleaching, oral bacteria killing, implant modification
  • Plasma for Environmental welfare: sterilization, disinfection and prevention of diseases, comfort and safe environment for human life
  • Plasma Agriculture and Fisheries: inactivation of mold, rapid growth of plants, deodorizing, disinfection, rapid growth of fish and water purification
  • Plasma surface modifications of biomaterials: synthesis (deposition, treatment, grafting) of biocompatible surfaces, surface immobilization and embedding of biomolecules; bacterial resistant surfaces, controlled release of drugs; novel surfaces for Tissue Engineering scaffolds; stimuliresponsive coatings, surface modified prosthesis
  • Plasma material processing with liquid: nano-particles, material processing, fabrication of catalysts
  • Plasma reactors for Life Sciences and Environmental applications: atmospheric pressure plasma, liquid phase plasma, simulation for gas/liquid plasma and their controlling technologies
  • Plasma Simulations : Plasma-liquid interaction, behavior of radicals and ions, plasma chemical processes,
  • Plasma Diagnostics: spatiotemporal measurement of radical, ion, photon, and shocking wave, real time monitoring in dense media and gas/liquid interface
  • Security and standardization for Plasma Applications for Human Life

Invited Speakers

Anne Bourdon Ecole Polytechnique, France
William Graham Queen's University, Ireland
Masaru Hori Nagoya University, Japan
Sammer Kalghatgi EP Technologies, USA
Petr Lukes Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Ester Marotta University of Padova, Italy
Vandana Miller Drexel University, USA
Liam O'Neill TheraDep Technologies Inc, USA
Jennifer Shin Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea
Robert Short University of South Australia, Australia
Yasuhiro Tanimura Mitsubishi Electric Co., Japan
Selma Thagard Clarkson University, USA
Fumiyoshi Tochikubo Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
Yoko Yamanishi Kyushu University, Japan

Symposium Organizers

Akira Mizuno
Toyohashi University of Technology
Environmental and Life Sciences

Peter Bruggeman
University of Minnesota
Mechanical Engineering

Bruce R. Locke
Florida State University
Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Eric Robert
CNRS-Université d'Orléans


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