2016年6月26日~29日 IPS開催のお知らせ

犬山(愛知県)でInternational workshop on Plasma Spectroscopy (IPS) が予定です。



7th International Workshop on Plasma Spectroscopy
June 26-29, 2016 Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel, Inuyama, Japan

The 7th International Workshop on Plasma Spectroscopy (IPS2016) covers all modern aspects of plasma spectroscopy connecting basic research with industrial applications. It will bring together specialists who are applying spectroscopic methods for investigations in gas discharges and in related scientific fields.

The main topics of the workshop include all types of spectroscopic methods such as FTIR, ATR, OES, LIF or laser absorption spectroscopy, etc., and their various applications for diagnostics of gas discharges of any kind, particularly spectroscopy of atmospheric pressure or liquid plasmas for plasma medicine.



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