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Purpose of the Research Project

In order to build the permanent base which can lead the No.1 research level of the world and international standardization towards creation of an unexplored new field "plasma medical science", establishment of the scheme for building the new field of study which develop the original research based on "advanced plasma science" to "medical treatment", and introduced plasma science into medicine is pressing need.
Therefore, it is required to improve the "plasma medical network" which cooperates mutually and leads domestic researchers centering on Nagoya University which has globally promoted the domestic industrial applied research, and being based in the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and the Center of Plasma Nano-interface Engineering which were inaugurated in October, 2010 in Kyushu University as satellites.
In order to create a new field in which our country lags globally while it rose as a current in the world quickly, it is important to lead the world as a center of our country by building the organization with which an organization can cooperate strategically and organically, and to build the center which takes the lead in Nagoya University, consisting of (1) The researchers who develop advanced plasma to biotechnology and have a track record in enhancement and application of plasma science, (2) The plasma researchers who are promoting research for plasma medical treatment in collaboration with the medical department or a hospital, and its organization, (3) fusion to plasma and medical institutions strongly in rudimentary medicine, who can promote clinical deployment in collaboration with plasma researchers.


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