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Greetings from the Director

Foundation of the Plasma Medical Science Global Innovation Center
~ A mission to create unique studies in our center ~


Masaru Hori

The technology which generates low-temperature plasma in atmospheric pressure or liquid was developed and the epoch-making effects to medical treatments including killing cancer cells and curing skin disorder were found out by irradiating a living body and biological tissue.
However, in order to aim at application deployment stuck to safety as medical treatment, it is required to understand not search of the trial-and-error technology based on a phenomenological effect but the interaction of the particles in plasma and a living body tissue based on molecular biology, to develop to medical treatment.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas " Plasma Medical Innovation" started to support researches in the all-Japan-organization centering on Nagoya. 108 researchers pull together from engineering, medicine, pharmacy, biology, etc., to create the plasma medical science. In order to concentrate the researcher in connection with such various learning and to promote research, the powerful organization which leads founding not a virtual lab but a platform with a substantial lab function and plasma medical research as a playmaker in the world is needed.

Thus, the "Plasma Medical Science Global Innovation Center" was founded by Nagoya University on August 1st in 2013. Plasma science is set on a core and unexplored "Plasma Medical Science" united with medicine and molecular biology is completed, and it aims at building the permanent scientific base which also realizes international standardization, leading the world. We hope you are looking forward to our outcomes.


Director of the center, Masaru Hori


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